Catherine Smith

Topics: Crime, Assault, Crimes Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Catherine Smith was miss-treated in this situation as she had been to the police numerous times and never was there once a charge laied against Kevin smith. The one time Catherine retaliated she was put on trial and was almost sentenced to 25 years jail for only one offence when Kevin had committed 17 offences which were 3 attempted murders and several sexual assaults. The police did nothing even know Catherine had gone to them and they did nothing at all, that was not fair on Catherine or her family. Catherine was wrongly accused of trying to kill her husband Kevin in self-defence after over 30 years, this is just like she had already been in jail and done nothing wrong. Lucky for once the judge ruled out her case as self-defence and Kevin is still out in the world hurting Catherine. In 1997 Catherine escaped but Kevin came looking for her. He kidnapped their son Duncan and held him at gun point and Kevin was charged for only kidnapping his son not for any of the other 17 crimes he had committed and only sent to jail for a couple of mouths. Catherine could not believe that this had happened on a couple of mouths this is very unfair to Catherine and her kids. During this time Catherine tried to go see all her children. But a week before he was issued on parole. Catherine and her kids had to go into lock down again. Vicky Smith says “he was obsessive. He had to find her, he had to have her, he had to control her, and he had to own her. (Daughter) Also in the time Catherine and Kevin were married he assaulted 2 police officers, stole their gun and fired at his children who were trying to run and hid, again nothing was done and he wasn’t charged. This is not fair that someone that horrible can get away with so much and thing that are so important. Kevin smith was finally sentenced for up to 10 years jail for 17 offences including rape, assault and attempted murder. His sentence was not rightly done because for attempted murder is jail time for less than 25 years and...
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