Cathay Pacific Company Report

Topics: Cathay Pacific, Airline, Hong Kong Pages: 13 (4729 words) Published: January 6, 2013
1.0 Introduction

2.0 Organisational Profile

2.1 Organisation Structure and Roles of Divisions
2.2 Products and Services
2.3 Markets and Customers
2.4 Competition
2.5 Financial Analysis
2.6 External Influences
3.0 Evaluation

4.0 Cathay Pacific vs. British Airways

6.0 References



Cathay Pacific City, 8 Scenic Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong.


The following report, comprising of secondary research found from numerous different sources will address the organisational profile of the Hong Kong based airline, Cathay Pacific. An organisational profile will be constructed detailing various aspects of the business including Cathay Pacific’s organisational structure, products and services, markets, competition, financial information and the external influences they encounter. An evaluation of each of these topics will also be made in order to see where the company is prospering and where it is facing detrimental effects. A short comparison of Cathay Pacific against the UK company, British Airways, will also be made to address briefly the similarities and differences between these two companies.

1.0 Introduction

Cathay Pacific is an international airline, and the flag carrier airline for Hong Kong. It offers passenger and cargo services as well as multiple other airline and transportation services. The airline strives to be innovative and provide an excellent standard of service leading it to win various awards and being named one of the world’s leading airlines. Cathay Pacific was founded in September 1946 by two western men, Roy C. Farrell and Sydney H. de Kantzow, an Australian and an American whom both put up the sum of one Hong Kong Dollar in order to register the business, the airline is now a member of the Swire Group of Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific Website, 2012) and has subsidiary airlines that contribute to it’s success. This innovative airline has developed over time with the fleet growing rapidly after the company was founded priding itself in having the newest aircrafts in order to ensure customer comfort-ability, and safety of passengers and cargo. Then in 1948, John Swire and Sons acquired a management stake in the airline that has helped the company to develop itself even further over the years. By 1959, Cathay Pacific had flight-rights to Japan, Taiwan, Australia, as well as numerous other destinations around South East Asia and by the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the airline was making long-haul flights to destinations including Vancouver, Canada and London, England. Cathay Pacific has been an airline that is considered a very modern one with the most up to date equipment and services that undergo constant innovative expansion in order to keep it one of the best airlines in the world and keeping Hong Kong a global aviation hub with regard to business, tourism and cargo traffic (Scribd, 2012).

2.0 Organisational Profile
2.1 Organisational Structure
The organisational structure of a company is often in correspondence to being the most efficient structure to achieve the company’s missions and goals. For Cathay Pacific the company’s vision is to become the most admired airline in the world having the motto ‘Service Straight from the Heart’, and because of this the companies structure is very regime, and emphasises the need for excellent service to all customers. The company’s goals outline that safety should be the maximum priority when it comes to providing service for its customers, and it is for this reason that company structure dedicates a department to the engineering and maintenance of aircraft. Cathay Pacific strives for product leadership, which is why it has dedicated time and investment to its e-business criteria allowing the company to be innovative and push forward with new technology in the airline business. Delivering superior financial...
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