Cathay Pacific Airlines

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Cathay Pacific Airlines
Cathay Pacific has been serving and growing with Hong Kong for 60 years. Being as the world's largest international cargo airline and the world's busiest airport in terms of cargo traffic, Cathay Pacific is one of the seven airlines to be ranked as a 5-star airline by Skytrax in 2009. Affected by the unstable global situation of political, economic and cultural, each single change of general environment may cause significant influence of airline industry. Therefore, to evaluate the performance and future developments of Cathay Pacific, we have to begin with the analysis of the general environment of Cathay Pacific airlines. Political and Legal

Airline industry is linked closely to the policies of governments, so political and legal segment is the essential factor which affects the development of Cathay Pacific. Currently, the worldwide airline industry is denominated by several firms which rely heavily on political and financial power. However, with the political preference, private capital began to inject into the civil aviation industry and brings challenge to Cathay Pacific. For example, in mainland China, the development of private airlines such like, OK Airlines and Spring Airlines grab parts of market shares of Cathay Pacific in certain air routes. On the other hand, taxation laws and antitrust laws also have impact on the operation of Cathay Pacific. As is known to all, each policy adjustment of fuel prices and airport construction fee would cause consumers’ great concern and would to some extent influence airline firms. Economic

As for Cathay Pacific, economic factors play important roles. The well-being of Cathay Pacific depends heavily on the stability of economy itself, GDP, interest rate and the currency stability. For example, GDP determine the purchase power of consumers and indicates their willingness and ability to choose airplane as their vehicles. Additionally, interest rate charged for loans will be affected by...
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