Catering Thesis

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  • Published: March 12, 2013
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With the Philippines choice of their own events, people are becoming ideal of this kind of catering services to have their own alternatives of food and location. Such an alternative for this is that catering provides what choice of food to be served and location and meet up can be made without any problems at all. These qualities of catering have made it popular among consumers who are tightening their budget since some catering services offers various range of services with a low cost price. This paper aims to show that the increasing popularity and sales of this catering service business are directly related to the ideal solution for Filipinos who are native and love the sense of their own culture in having this kind of service. When consumers experience busy lifestyle and providing what is best for their events they tend to substitute fast and reliable catering services for their needs. In this light, catering services are becoming an indicator of country’s economic performance. Additionally, this increased consumption of catering businesses brings about best solutions for businesses and Filipinos occasions or events.


The food services industry in the Philippines has improved over the years. It has been a part of the Filipino culture to dine out during work breaks and when celebrating different occasions. The introduction of foods like hamburger, spaghetti, sushi, Thai food and even Korean dishes has contributed to Filipinos’ food preferences. Another reason is the industrialization and growth among the number of women in the workforce. Women traditionally do the cooking in Filipino households, but because they are preoccupied with work outside their homes, many of them buy cooked food, have them delivered or just dine out. Because of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, ready to cook and ready-to eat meals have become greatly in demand. The food service industry is sought after by a growing number of people who want to have filling meals in the shortest time and at the most reasonable price. Back in the early history, in the middle ages, the cooks employed by nobles and religious orders served large numbers of people every day, and medieval travelers ate at inns, taverns, monasteries and hostelries. The earliest recorded guild for cooks was formed around 1311 to protect the cooks' secrets. The tricks of the trade were only taught to guild members. West and Wood's Introduction to Foodservice notes that "strict cost accounting was necessary, and here, perhaps, marks the beginning of the present-day scientific foodservice cost accounting....". Somewhat in the time of industrial revolution, during the thousands of years when most of the population lived in or very near farming communities, food did not travel far to reach the people who ate it. The Industrial Revolution and the mass migration of workers to cities meant there was increased demand to ship food longer distances. Trains, automobiles and trucks provided transport, while new preservation treatments and better storage devices such as refrigeration made it possible for the food to stay fresh longer.

The foodservice industry has been around for thousands of years. In fact its earliest records can be dated during the stone-age. During Pangaea the first recorded multi-person feeding was in the Denmark/Orkney Isles area. Around the same time there have been documents of Swiss lake dwellers eating in groups by 5000 BC. Later in 500 BC Egyptian and Assyrian records showed evidence of great feast that sported both...
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