Category Partition Method

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The Category-Partition Method for Specifying and Generating Functional Tests.

• Introduction. • The category-partition method: - characteristics. - the method. - examples. • Other methods.

The goal of functional testing
• To find discrepancies between the actual behavior of the implemented system’s function and the desired behavior as described in the system’s functional specification.

How to achieve this goal ?
• Tests have to be execute for all the system functions. • Tests have to be designed to maximize the chances of finding errors in the software.

Functional test can be derived from 3 sources:
1. The software specification.
2. Design information. 3. The code itself.

Partition - The standard approach
• The main idea is to partition the input domain of function being tested, and then select test data for each class of the partition. • The problem of all the existing techniques is the lack of systematic.

The category partition method main characteristics:
• The test specification : - is concise and uniform representation of the test information for a function. - it can be easily modified. - it gives the tester a logical way to control the volume of tests.

The category partition method main characteristics (cont.): • Using generator tool help us : - to provides an automated way to produce thorough tests. - to avoid impossible or undesirable tests. • The method emphasizes both the specification coverage and the error detection aspects of testing.

A strategy for test case generation
1. Transform the system’s specification to be more concise and structured. 2. Decompose the specification into functional unit - to be tested independently.

3. Identify the parameters and environment conditions.

A strategy for test case generation (cont)
4. Find categories that characterize each

parameter and environment condition.
5. Every category should be partitioned into distinct choices .

formal test specification

A strategy for test case generation (cont)

6. test frames - set of choices, one from
each category.

test cases -

test frame with specific
values for each choices.

test scripts -

sequence of test cases.

Command: Syntax: Function: find find
The find command is used to locate one or

more instance of a given pattern in a text file. All lines in the file that contain the pattern are written to standard output. A line containing the pattern is written only once, regardless of the number of times the pattern occurs in it. The pattern is any sequence of characters whose length does not exceed the maximum length of a line in the file .To include a blank in the pattern, the entire pattern must be enclosed in quotes (“).To include quotation mark in the pattern ,two quotes in a row (“ “) must be used.

Example: find john myfile display lines in the file myfile which contain john find “john smith” in myfile display lines in the file myfile which contain john smith

find “john”” smith” in myfile display lines in the file myfile which contain john” smith

Pattern size: empty single character many character longer than any line in the file Quoting: pattern is quoted pattern is not qoated pattern is improperly quoated Embedded blanks: no embedded blank one embedded blank several embedded blanks

Embedded quotes: no embedded quotes one embedded quotes several embedded quotes File name: good file name no file with this name

Environments: Number of occurrence of pattern in file: none exactly one more than one Pattern occurrences on target line: one more than one

Total Tests frames: 1944

Test Frame - Example:
Pattern size : empty Quoting : pattern is quoted Embedded blanks : several embedded blanks Embedded quotes : no embedded quote File name : good file name Number of occurrence of pattern in file : none Pattern occurrence on target line : one

Pattern size: empty single character many...
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