Category of Computer Games

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Category of Computer Games

1. Skill and action games - emphasizing perceptual and motor skills

1. Combat Games - All combat games present a direct, violent confrontation. The human player must shoot and destroy the bad guys controlled by the computer.

2. Maze Games - The defining characteristic of the maze games is the maze of paths through which the player must move.

3. Sports Games - These games model popular sports games.

4. Paddle Games - The central element of the game that of intercepting a projectile with a paddle-controlled piece has been used in endless variations.

5. Race Games - Some computer games involve a straightforward race.

6. Miscellaneous Games - In some ways it is like a maze game and in some ways it is a combat game.

2. Strategy games - emphasizing cognitive effort

1. Adventures - In these games the adventurer must move through a complex world, accumulating tools and booty adequate for overcoming each obstacle, until finally the adventurer reaches the treasure or goal.

2. Games of Chance – Examples are many versions of craps, blackjack, and other such games.

3. Educational Games – Example is hangman

4. Interpersonal Games - Interpersonal games are games that focus on the relationships between individuals or groups.


1. Choose a game between the two categories (Skills and Action or Strategy games).

2. Short description of the game

- programming language used

- screen output

- how it is played

- Where it is played (PC / Console / Arcade)

3. Discuss briefly the history of the game

- timeline (initial release, present status and future of the game)

4. Include references (reading materials, electronic resources, etc.)

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