Catechism vs. Rerum Novarum

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  • Published : November 10, 2010
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REL 205

In the Catechism and Rerum Novarum virtue was important in bringing about

the common good in society, “human society can be neither well ordered or

prosperous unless it has some people invested with legitimate authority to

preserve its institution and devote themselves as far as is necessary to work and

care for the good of all”. (CC1896)

As mentioned elected officials of any society must be ready to do good and

give the best of themselves so that the whole society can benefit. The cardinal

virtues must be a pivotal part of that rule, the cardinal rules demanded that good

civil authorities should make earnest efforts to bring about situations in which

citizens can easily exercise their rights and fulfill their duties as well.

Unless these authorities practice the use of the cardinal rules and take suitable

actions with regards to bringing about the common good then inequalities

between people will become more widespread and as a result human right

becomes ineffective and fulfillment of duties is compromised. “Every human

society needs an authority to govern it” 16

The Catechism and Rerum Novarum agreed that to bring about the common

good everyone in the society should be free to participate and has the

responsibility to choose its government, “Authority does not derive its moral

legitimacy from itself” (1902) therefore the appointment of leaders must be

through the free decision of the society.

Virtue teaches that people in authority must act for the common good as a

“moral based on freedom lend a sense of responsibility” 21. The common good

should preserve every right of the common citizen, authority should respect “the

inalienable right of all person” (1907)

The church like the rest of society has the same right and duty to promote the

common good. The church must fulfill its obligation with fidelity and competence;

they should act as an...
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