Catch Me If You Can

Topics: Character, Protagonist, Novel Pages: 3 (1102 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Novel Catch Us If you Can

Based on the novel” Catch Us If You Can” by Catherine McPhail. I have studied many characters that can be more responsible to what they do. The main character is a responsible person. The main character is Rory that a boy in this novel. Responsible can be described as a work that we must do it by ourselves. Now, I will discuss to all of you about the character that has shown responsibility in his actions. It is the main character, Rory.

Firstly, let me move on with my first argument that show the main character, Rory is a responsible person. It can be shown from chapter one, at the clinic. Rory brings Granda for medical check-up. Granda afraid to meet the doctor and Rory tries to calm down his as well. The same time, Granda can’t be a mature person. He acts such as a child at there. Rory asks Granda to behave himself. This can be proving at chapter one, page 2, at last paragraph “I pulled him back to our seats. “ Now sit down, Granda, and behave yourself”. After that, Granda helps a lady with opens the door to her. Granda puts on fire and Rory has to throw water all over Granda to put out the fire.

When they meet Dr. Nicol, Rory asks the doctor about Granda health. Dr. Nicol gives a suggestion to take a home help but Granda be the first person doesn’t agree with it.

From the point that I view, I knows that Rory is a responsible person even he just a boy that must need some love. Rory beings responsible with brings Granda to the clinic for a medical check-up. Rory also asks Granda to behave himself because he wants Granda in good condition. He also never forgets to give Granda the pill every day. He is more caring towards Granda. He does it because he loves Granda very much. He loves Granda because Granda is the only person that takes care of him since he is young. He thinks that Granda is the only father and mother in his life. He can’t through the life without his Granda beside him.

From all the points I have...
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