Cataract Forms

Topics: Cataract, Intraocular lens, Ophthalmology Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: January 19, 2008
Many people in the world have some form of cataracts. The clouding of the eye's natural lens is what a cataract is. Protein and water are the main components of the lens in your eye. When the protein in your lens starts to clog together it forms a small cloud on your lens. This is a cataract and can grow larger as your life progresses, thus making it more difficult to see.

There are three types of cataracts one may acquire during their life time. The first type is called a nuclear cataract. A nuclear cataract forms in the nucleus at the center of the lens and occurs due to natural aging. A nuclear cataract is the most common form of cataract. The second form of cataract is called a cortical cataract. A cortical cataract starts on the outer edges of the lens and works its way in towards the nucleus. Diabetics are the most common people to develop a cortical cataract. The final type of cataract is a subcapsular cataract. This cataract forms behind the back of the lens. This form of cataract is common in people with diabetes and also those who are taking high doses of steroids.

Cataracts usually start out small and at their beginning stages have little or no effect on your vision. You may tend to realize that your vision is some-what blurred and that light from the sun, car lights, lamps, or street lights at night may seem to cause more glare than before. A nuclear cataract will be noticeable as soon as you have it. However, a subcapsular cataract may not appear until it has been well-developed. When you have a form of cataracts, you may treat it with glasses, strong bifocals, or contacts. When your cataract gets bad, however, you may want to try surgery. Cataract surgery is the most performed surgery in all of the United States. While you are in surgery, the doctor will give you a clear, plastic intraocular lens, while removing your old lens. Many people, nine out of every ten, regain very good vision, usually between the...
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