Catalase Lab

Topics: Infection, Infectious disease, Disease Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Cintya G. Alarcon
Biology 121 section WDF
Lab Report # 1

1.On the graph paper in Figure 3, plot a graph of your experimental results.

Choose an appropriate number scale for the Y-axis and label it Number of Infections. Choose an appropriate number scale for the X-axis label it Number of Exchanges.

2. In a few sentences, summarize the results of the experiment. In your summary, include data from your summary chart and graph. Statements of results should include only facts—no interpretation.

During the start of the experiment, the number of class members infected were 3 and 9 not infected. In Exchange # 2 eight members were infected and 4 were not infected. Exchange # 4 twelve class members were infected and 0 not infected. Exchange # 6 twelve were still infected and 0 not infected.

3. Based on your graph, estimate the number of body fluid exchanges it would take for the whole class to become infected. _____4_____exchanges.

4. In real life, infections don’t spread as rapidly as they did in our simulation? Why not?

In real life, the reason why infections don’t spread as rapidly as they did in our simulation was because there are many preventative medications out there to slow down the process or heal a disease, which depends on the severity of the disease and what type it is. For example, where I used to work at the city would pay Osco Drug to dispense meds for free to HIV and TB patients. The director of public health told me that they would spend more money if they didn’t get their meds for free.

5. Suggest some methods to slow the rate of infection in the general population.

Some methods to slow the rate of infection would be by finding a way of educating people in how to take care of themselves, proper nutrtion, how to use proper protection, and explain the fundamentals of disease causing. I noticed that in this population not a lot of people are literate about the types of diseases that are out there, and how harmful it...
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