Cat in a Hat

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What is a monologue?
Re-construct the ‘reading’ of a key event or events through the eyes of a marginalized character.

Monologues are by far the most common form of performance. Monologues simply involve a character or a narrator talking to someone else who is silent. This can be another character in the play, the audience, or an imagined or invisible listener. It is a performance in which a single speaker, supposedly addressing another, reveals his or her character to the audience.

Marginalized: Barely provided for or included; when a perspective or comment is included but not allowed to dominate

Choose a marginalized character
Choose a ‘key’ event from the novel
Think about who your character is speaking to in your monologue You need to creatively show us the world through your character’s eyes Use appropriate language with an appropriate connection to the novel DO NOT just retell the main event in the story! It is an opportunity to change the audience perspective of that event!

Criteria for Assessment:

Oral Skills
Expression and meaning
Clarity: eg; diction, fluency and volume
Voice: eg; control of voice, volume, pacing and pausing
Eye Contact: speaking not reading 2

Understanding of Texts
Ability to discuss the key features of the text eg plot, characters, audience, purpose, context and register etc Demonstrate an understanding of one the
Key characters and produce a creative monologue as a response to the text Evidence of research, rehearsal and polishing

Understanding of persona
Understanding of text
Understanding of ‘monologue’ form
Involvement and enthusiasm
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