Cat's Cradle Essay

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Reeti Bee
Contemporary Literature
Mrs. Utter
25 February 2013
Be True To Your Heart… not
Notable author Cassandra Clare once said, “Not everything that's true needs to be said.” Kurt Vonnegut, author of Cat’s Cradle, would agree with Cassandra Clare that people tend to think of ease when they hide themselves from the truth. Through the novel, Vonnegut has made it quite clear that he believes people lie to themselves. But why not lie to yourself if you know you’re going to die no matter what? Vonnegut juxtaposes happiness, lies, and death to prove a point. People need to lie to themselves in order to make life bearable while aware that the outcome for everyone is the same: death. People lie to themselves because they are scared of the truth and want to be more optimistic about their situations. Vonnegut gives us Atom Bombs and Ice Nine from science. Both of which are very negatively represented in the novel. Dr. Breed is a scientist that worked with the creator of the Atom Bomb, the second deadliest weapon used in the novel. The first is Ice Nine, also created by Dr. Breed’s associate, Dr. Hoenikker. Dr. Breed told Jonah, the narrator, that Ice Nine didn’t exist. However, Dr. Breed said that if it did, “when it fell, it would freeze into hard little hobnails of ice-nine – and that would be the end of the World!” (32). He said this so light heartedly, as if nothing really matters since everyone is going to die anyway. Dr. Breed, an essential character in the novel, tells Jonah, "that everybody does about the same amount of thinking. Scientists simply think about things in one way, and other people think about things in others," (30). He is implying, in context, that scientists look at the look and accept it. Other people manipulate the truth and hear what they want to hear. Vonnegut uses a scientist, who shows his optimism by denying the creation of an incredibly deadly substance, to express the real pessimism Vonnegut has in...
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