Casureco 2 Online Balance Inquiry Study

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Internet today has emerged to the world of technologies. It simply makes our works fast and communicates remotely. Internet has been so affordable that every community in the world can use internet. This brings more connections and transactions more easily than expected by the companies. This chapter will present literatures and studies that are associated our study.

As stated by (…, 2011) Consumers can make purchases from home, office or anywhere when we can get connected to the internet. Usually consumers need to go to supermarket, shops or store to make purchases but with e-business it allows us to make our purchases by online transactions. Besides consumers will be able to buy goods in supermarket, they will be able to choose products which are not available domestically. It is because foreign countries do have supermarkets which sell goods which do not be able to buy goods locally. Therefore, consumers will have a large variety of choices in choosing the good that they wish to buy. For example, some good that not available domestically like vehicles, patented product and others products can be ordered in the internet.

This will make the business easier because they do not need to worry what will the customer think after buying the product without knowing how the customer feel. They will also be able to enhance or modify their products to satisfy the customer’s needs and wants with a feature called “feedback” customers can give reactions or suggestions about the product or services.

About the proposed information system or better known as Balance Inquiry System (…,2010) stated that An information system is an organized combination of people, hardware, software communications networks, and data resources that collects, transforms, and disseminates information in an organization. People have relied on information system to communicate with each other using a variety of...
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