Casual Dress at Work

Topics: Workwear, Casual, Suit Pages: 9 (2777 words) Published: March 19, 2013

Casual dress at work.
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Casual dress at work.
Abstract: A study was conducted to analyze the origin and impact of casual dressing. Dress has supported a critical function in the corporate community. Clothing promotes a sense of identity and reinforces the image held by peers and acquaintances. However, the beginning of the 1990s saw managers and employees adopt the same way of dressing. This type of dress has made the person feel comfortable at work while looking professional. The origin of casual dress has been correlated with the egalitarian movement that permeated the industry in the early 1980s. The idea was to minimize or eliminate class distinction regardless of one's rank, corporate position or salary. It is forecasted that people may abuse casual dressing and promote problems for clothing firms.

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Clothing and dress (Social aspects) Biecher, Elisa Keaton, Paul N. Pollman, A. William

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Nam e : SAM Advanced Management Journal Publisher : Society for the Advancement of Management Audience : Trade Form at : Magazine/Journal Subject : Business; Business, general Copyright : COPYRIGHT 1999 Society for the Advancement of Management ISSN: 0036-0805

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Date : Wntr, 1999 Source Volum e : 64 Source Issue : 1 Product Code : 2300000 Apparel & Related Products NAICS Code : 315 Apparel Manufacturing SIC Code : 2300 APPAREL AND OTHER

TEXTILE PRODUCTS Accession Number: Full Text: 54260080 Casual dressing at work may be the result of two distinct trends: a return to "elegance" as a way of conveying professionalism, and a loosening up of formal dress codes, as demonstrated by casual Fridays and dress-down days. This paper addresses the origin and consequences of casual dressing. The Role of Clothing Dress plays an important role in the corporate world. For example, the business suit is the quickest signal of executive status. How does the management male distinguish the female secretary from the female executive? Clothing is the easiest way to tell them apart. Dressing in the corporate uniform identifies the woman manager as one of them. Thus, clothing acts as a cue for those around us. It helps strangers identify us and reinforces the image held by acquaintances and friends. It is what people see first and remember, and you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Knowing how to use clothing to establish yourself in whatever role you want to play can help win that role more quickly. Our clothing immediately establishes us in some sort of social order, whether or not we are aware of it. If you know what role you want to play, you can use clothing to get the part. Clothing can signify class status, political identification, and rank. As Barbara Dickstein, museum specialist and collector of twentieth century clothing for the Smithsonian Institution, argues: "Clothing, more than anything else - more than furniture, more than jewelry - clothing, represents a person. Clothing is always a symbol of who you are. It tells your status, your role in life, your social position" (Wallach, 1981). The sign of nobility in seventeenth century France was blue velvet. A century before, in Germany, during a peasant uprising, one of the demands was to be allowed to wear red, until then permissible only for the upper classes. Royal blue and purple were the colors of the court throughout much of Europe. Only the nobility could be seen in them (Wallach, 1981). Since the beginning of the 1990s, a change has been occurring called casual dress. Managers and all other employees tend to adopt the same way of dressing. Casual dress is a trend seen in downtown financial districts, corporate conference rooms, and large and small businesses across America:...
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