Casual Cause/ Effect Argument

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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Cause/Effect Argument Paper

Child obesity has always been a major issue in the United States, but why is it so serious? What is the cause of this? I believe that technology and the advancements made to it is the main cause. It is common for kids these days to own a cell phone, have a TV in their room, a computer and a video game console. It is rare now for kids to want to go out to the park and maybe play basketball or go do something athletic. Before the advancement of modern technology, parents enjoyed watching their kids play outside, enjoy the outdoors, or even climb a tree. However, in our current day and time, our kids are more concerned about when their TV program is going to come on. Technology and Obesity go hand in hand and I will be explaining why in this paper. I will begin by explaining what the other side of the story is.

Most people believe that the main cause of child obesity is the foods we feed them. According to CBS(1), they believe that obesity is connected to fast foods. Polls that they took showed that approximately one-third of U.S. children aged between 4-19 eat fast food every day. This study was conducted on 6,212 kids. However, this would not be a problem if most of these kids didn’t go home and sit in front of their TV sets for hours at a time. According to, a 65-year old person would have spend 9 years of their lives watching TV. This breaks down to 2 months of nonstop TV-watching for 1 year or 28 hours a week. That is more than 4 hours of their day spent watching TV(2). That is just for adults. The average amount of time a teenager going to high school spends watching TV is a minimum of 103 hours of TV a single month(3). That is not even counting the amount of time spend online or even playing video games. An average teenager spends approximately four hours online surfing the web, on youtube, viewing porn, on myspace or Facebook, etc(4). That’s roughly 31 hours spend online on top of the amount of time spend watching TV. Fast foods would not be such an issue if technology wouldn’t be sucking up all of our time that we could be spending working that burger off with a good game of Kickball. Now let’s add how much time is spent playing video games to that. The average time spent playing video games is eight hours a week, that breaks down to roughly about an hour a day(5). Those statistics alone are enough to dismiss the whole subject on foods making U.S. kids obese. The next big topic that stands against my subject is school and obesity.

Many people think that school and it’s environment is the main cause to obesity in today’s teenagers. According to Wellspring Camps, their research says that school environment affects teenagers and kids this way and even adds more to this problem. However, not only does it affect students weights, but it also leads to poor academic performance. The cause of this is the junk food, sodas, and unhealthy nutritional content that is being offered from the schools(6). Although I do believe them and their research is correct, I still have to say that this only adds to the problem, schools also offer much less time spent outside or on field trips that help the student distract themselves. Most schools are feeling the need that they must adapt to the 21st century by putting in computers in classrooms, TV screens, and projectors. I am not against any of this because there is a very positive effect on student GPA’s and academic success according to PR Newswire(7), but I am against the fact that students aren’t being more encouraged at going out and doing research for science projects and other assignment out in the real world instead of just sitting at home for hours at end researching on the internet. We encourage students more and more to stay indoors and not go out and maybe run around the park for fun. This contributes greatly to the issue at hand. An example I would like to use as ridiculous as it may be is from a movie I have watched. It shows a...
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