Casual Analysis: Teen Suicide

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Teen suicide, a harrowing but realistic cause of death that is consuming our nations youth. Next to homicide and car accidents, taking one's life is the third leading cause of death of teens, ages 15 through 24. Teen suicide is on a rapid rise throughout the us and mostly goes unnoticed until too late. It is important to understand and recognize the symptoms and actions of the suicidal. Causes to make one wish to take one's life are are things such as depression, pressure at school or with friends, and instability at home. Being educated on the causes and aware of teen's behavior can aid in the prevention of this ever growing tragedy.

Depression is a common emotion teens feel in the face of everyday challenges. For most this emotion is fleeting, while for others it tends to prevail. For teens, with their violent and unstable balance of hormones, little things can strike home and lead to more severe belittlement. This feeling of inadequacy can become all consuming and take a serious toll on a young persons view of life. Teens can begin to feel alone wherever they find themselves, as if they have no one to relate to or with. This can cause a decrease in one's will to live and lead to thoughts or actions of suicide. Signs of depression are things such as: change in eating or sleeping, withdrawal from friends and family, lack of enthusiasm, difficulty concentrating and frequent crying. Depression is a chemical imbalance and can be treated.

With growing up one begins to face the many pressures of life. School work, tests,and jobs can overwhelm teens by piling up countless responsibilities. It does not come as a surprise that teenage students are under a significantly higher amount of pressure regarding school because college is only a few years away. Is this pressure too much to bare? For some its just that. The overload of projects, tests, studying, and homework exhaust students to the maximum levels. A study was shown that suicide rates increased during the...
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