Castleton - A Honey Pot in the Peak District of Derbyshire

Topics: Peak District, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: September 27, 2012
Tourism “Honeypots” like Castleton create significant challenges in National Parks. How far does the research you have carried out make you think this statement is correct?

My aim is to investigate whether Castleton has been affected by tourism, and what challenges Castleton faces as it in the National Park.

I will be asking local people but also tourists to volunteer to answer my questionnaire as this would determine but also tell me whether Castleton has been affected by tourism. As below are the questions that I am going to be asking people at Castleton. Questions:

* Has tourism had an impact on land-use in Castleton?
Primary Data; Land-use mapping in Castleton, questionnaire
* Has tourism had an impact on the environment of Castleton? Primary Data; Environmental survey of Castleton, questionnaire * Has tourism had an impact on traffic congestion in Castleton? Primary Data; traffic surveys, questionnaire

* Has tourism had an impact on employment in Castleton?
Primary data; Questionnaire
* Has tourism had an impact on house prices in Castleton? Primary Data; Questionnaire secondary data- research

I will be asking them questions. Question 1 will show me whether tourism has affected land use in Castleton as more land could have been used to build shops. Also question 2 will tell me whether will tell me if tourism has affected the environment in Castleton. Question 3 will tell me if there are more traffic jams than usual due to tourism. Question 4 will tell me whether if there is an increased of employment in Castleton. Question 5 will show me if house prices have increased in Castleton or not.


Castleton is a honeypot village in the Derbyshire Peak District, in England. The village lies at the western end of the Hope Valley on the Peaks hole Water, a tributary of the River Noe. The village is situated between the areas known as the Dark Peak (to the north) and the White Peak (to the south). The population of Castleton...
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