Castle Rackrent

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Maria Edgeworth's Castle Rackrent is a satirical novel blaming the Irish people and the English Landlords for the plight of the Irish poor. She illustrates the comical ways of the drunks, and the way they act towards the Landlords. The Landlords on the other hand are careless men and women that control the towns. One example of Edgeworth's use of satire in Castle Rackrent involves the landlords and their lack of leadership abilities. Another example of satire in Castle Rackrent is Jason's inherent leadership abilities as an Irishman. Finally, another obvious use of satire is the language that is used by Maria Edgeworth. Castle Rackrent is a brillant piece of satire because Edgeworth ridicules the Irishman and their irresponsible English Landlords for the desperate situation of the Irish poor.

First of all, Edgeworth's use of satire in the Castle Rackrent is most obvious in her portrayal of the four Landlords, which blames the English Landlords and the Irish tenants for the plight of the Irish poor. For example, Edgeworth ridicules Sir Patrick by showing his lazy and drinking atitude with the citizens, which makes them love him. For example Edgeworth's, "Sir Patrick had fitted up for the purpose of accommodating his friends and the public in general, who honoured him with their company unexpectedly at Castle Rackrent; and this went on, I can't tell you how long, the whole country rang with his praises. Long life to him!" (10) Sir Patrick showed no leadership skills whatsoever, and was in major debt. When he died the debtors took his body in an attempt of getting payment. Thady says, "Never did any gentleman live and die more beloved in the country by the rich and poor, his funeral was such a one as was never known before nor since in the country!" Sir Patrick was like a rock star to the people, and when he died everyone flocked to just get a sight of the hearse. Edgeworth writes "But who'd have thought it? Just as all was going on right, through his own town...
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