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  • Published : October 19, 2011
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Castle Family Restaurant: HRIS Evaluation

BUSINESS ASSESSMENT: Castle Family Restaurants has 8 locations throughout Northern California and is run by 30 members of the Castle Family, including 6 elder members. Castle Family Restaurant is a buffet style restaurant that specializes in a steak and shrimp themed buffet. Nightly we offer 5 shrimp favorites and three steak cuts grilled to perfection. Our strengths include a very committed base employee structure with a shared value and belief system, which involves a rich interplay of roles throughout the restaurant chain. Our family is also know to have weaknesses such as emotionally charged decision making, which can in turn affect the atmosphere of the office and the restaurants and a resistance to change from the elders of our business. Our restaurants have had significant growth over the last 5 years. 6 of our 8 restaurants have had a 3% growth in the previous fiscal year. The remaining 2 restaurants have had <1% growth in the last fiscal year. We feel that during this economic downturn updating our HRIS would possibly be cost beneficial to our company and will have an overall affect on our balance sheet within the next 5 years.

IDENTIFY PROBLEMS: We have identified several problematic areas that a newer HRIS could possibly be beneficial. Our goal is to eliminate the use of paper employee manuals, upgrading to an electronic version, and we feel product ordering and stock inventory records would be better managed through a HRIS. We would also like to find a system to track and manage the attendance, disciplinary actions, personal employee information, and be able to analyze former employees, employees, and applicants. Finally we would like to implement a management system to relate directly to our food cost and ordering from wait staff to cooks. We feel that this system would be a good way to control and plan our overall food costs and product waste costs.

HRIS NEEDS ASSESSMENT: We would like to...
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