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-Casting :
A manufacturing process that pours a liquid material into a hollow mold until the material cools into a solidified shape.

History :
Casting is one of the oldest manufacturing methods known to humankind and a very direct method of producing metal parts. Metal casting is a technology which reaches back almost 5000 years. We will probably never know when or how the first casting was produced because man made castings before he left a written record of this achievement.

* Historically, we trace the beginnings of casting to China in the 4th century B.C. Originally used to make utensils and plows, the process was soon used to create weapons * Gold and silver were the first metals to be recognized. copper was next to be recognized and as copper became harder when hammered therefore it was used as weapon * Forging process was used in the beginning resitricting the utility of the process involved * It was casting, the essential foundation of all civilization, that unlocked the future and placed man on the path to conquering his environment. * Although we don't know who made the first casting, or exactly where, most historians believe that this great step forward was made in ancient Mesopotamia (roughly modern Iraq) in the period 4000-3000 BC. * The oldest casting in existence is believed to be a copper frog cast in Mesopotamia probably around 3200 BC. * From pure copper, early man moved to bronze castings when he learned, sometime around 3000 BC and again perhaps by accident, that the addition of tin to molten copper produced a much more useful material. Bronze was harder than copper and could be hardened more easily. * The discovery of tin as a separate element did not take place until the 16th century, but by then Man had already used its ores for 4500 years in combination with those of copper. •Brass (copper plus zinc) was developed many centuries before the Christian era, although precisely when or where is debatable....
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