Castaway Technology Symbolism

Topics: Watch, Clock, Personal life Pages: 3 (1211 words) Published: April 1, 2012
A Technological Transformation (Castaway)

Chuck Noland is a FedEx worker who is obsessed with his job, a workaholic. He is trapped in the captivating life of time, power, and structured planning. He is always working against the clock. His job has taken over his life. He is so deep into his personal career that he doesn't spend enough time with his fiancé Kelly, his time is always put into working all day. Chuck also has a problem with socializing with his co workers. He treats his co workers in a more boss-to-employee relationship instead of a friend-to-friend relationship. Chuck is involuntarily sent on a quest when his plane crashes into an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. During his quest, Noland has to realize that he needs to start spending his time wisely, like with Kelly, instead of spending it on business trips where he is away from Kelly and his personal life. It takes him four years to realize that life isn't all about work. When he realizes that life isn't all about work, he is able to return home. While he was on the island, his knowledge of making every day necessities - like food and clothing - and use of technology makes a tribute to his transformation into becoming a man who isn't so obsessed with his job and time.

Before Chuck's plane crashes on the island, he is shut out of the Dionysian world - A more unorganized way of life, breaks down a man's individual character. Dionysian is a term that shows the uncivilized, violent side of man. - and sucked into an Apollonian world - A more structured way of life, brings out the unique individuality in a man. This term expresses the working and powerful part of man - which is keeping him away from his personal relationships with his fiancé and co workers. He feels that if he doesn't follow his schedule, minute by minute, he will be lost in a timeless schedule. He always has a watch and pager somewhere on his body and in reach. If someone - like an employee or friend - finds a...
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