Castaway Movie Reflection

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  • Published : March 17, 2011
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The movie entitled “Cast Away” inspired millions of viewers worldwide. As I watched the movie, I was inspired too. The story was invigorating. It was about a man who was trapped into an uninhabited island due to plane crash. He spent years there without anyone to talk but a volleyball whom he named Wilson and made friends with. The man has no defect or any brain damage; it was just because of his loneliness that he was able to talk to a volleyball knowing that it has no life. Chuck who’s the character at the movie asked for help but realized that it was ineffectual. There was nothing there but him and several packages from the plane crash. He then explored the island and seeks for foods and shelter. After four years of spearing fishes and making fires, Chuck launches the raft and decided to use the sail to ride over the powerful surf, finally escaping the island. Lucky he was when a cargo ship found and saved him. When Chuck returned, he found out that his girlfriend was married to other man. Her family and friends almost believe that he was already dead. He went back to his normal life differently. Things never happened the same way twice.

I can’t exactly find the best word to describe this movie. This became one of my favorites because of its touching story that it even cuts like a knife. It has a blend of love story which deeply left scars on my mind.
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