Cast Away Review

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A person will never be able to accomplish a journey without a very strong reason that drives him/her. A strong reason that a person holds onto until the end, that would make all the battles worth the fight. For workaholic FedEx troubleshooter Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), the drive that kept him up until the end was hope. The hope to return to his old life, to be back together with his long time sweetheart Kelly Frears (Helen Hunt). The movie Cast Away (2000) – in which Robert Zemeckis had directed in it – had shown perfectly a goal-driven kind of journey. They managed to emphasize how much Chuck wants to see Kelly again, through a long series of scenes previewing Chuck’s battle against the wilderness, how he had almost given up, but then again remembers the strong reason that had brought him to that level of survival, how his expressions change whenever he sees Kelly’s picture. The sequence of Chuck’s ‘daily island life’ was a huge play of camera angles and shots, unconsciously engaging the audience’s emotion to the actors and settings. This, as a result, creates a relation between Hanks’ character with the audience.

Chuck has been in a long-term relationship with Kelly. Despite the strong bond in their relationship, when it comes to work, Chuck is all out. In the first act of the movie, Chuck was giving a harsh pep talk (oh the irony), revealing his disappointment towards the delay occurring in the upbeat business. The act ended in a scene where Chuck and Kelly was saying goodbye, as Chuck was leaving for a job call in Malaysia. The couple exchanged Christmas gifts; Kelly gave Chuck her grandfather’s pocket watch with Chuck’s favorite picture of her in it, and Chuck gifted Kelly a proposal ring. Chuck ended their goodbyes with the words, “I’ll be right back”, which took four years. Due to a thunderstorm, his plane unexpectedly went down. The crash killed the cabin crews and pilot, but Chuck survived and ended up being stranded in an inhabited island. For some...
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