Cassettes Tapes vs. Compact Discs

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Cassettes Tapes Vs Compact Discs
We live in a society where technology is always changing. Even as I type this paper something has been vastly improved and will soon be shared upon the world as the next greatest invention. When music first came about It could only be enjoyed in the presence of the composer. In this current day in age our favorite songs are now in the form of a very small file on the internet for little to no cost at all. Let's take a look at cassette tapes and compare them to the commonly and almost dated compact disc. We will explore the differences and similarity between them both and see the reasoning behind the switch of formats.

Let's talk about the physical characteristics and the difference in appearance they both have. Compact discs are just that, flat plastic discs that are constructed in the form of layers. A laser is then used to alter the surface of the disc to create the audio or data you are trying to store. A cassette tape is constructed of a hard plastic shell that houses a roll of magnetic tape. The magnetic properties of the tapes can be manipulated using many different electronic devices which in turn can be read by a tape player. Although the materials between the two may be very similar, they look and work completely differently and require different methods in which they used.

Playback between the two media formats are completely different. In order to listen to a cassette tape you must play them back on a device which can play back their sounds. This method is often done by running the magnetic tape inside across a series of heads and filters. This process then translates the analog signal into sound. Compact discs use a laser which then takes the digital bits of information and then turns that information into sound. Compact discs also are able to playback a digital format which is a lot cleaner and clearer sound. This method continues to make the sound of compact discs preferred amonst avid music lovers alike....
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