Cassava Starch as an Effective Component for Ideal Biodegradable Plastic

Topics: Cassava, Starch, Biodegradation Pages: 4 (781 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Investigatory project

Cassava starch as an effective component for Ideal Biodegradable Plastic

Members: Wesley Ong
Kyle Cheng
Georwin Ng
Charles Ngan
Raphael Chan

Table of contents
I. Introduction
II. Review of related literature
III. Methodology
A. Background of the study
The cassava root is long and tapered, with a firm, homogeneous flesh encased in a detachable rind, about 1mm thick, rough and brown on the outside. Commercial varieties can be 5 to 10 cm in diameter at the top, and around 15 cm to 30 cm long. A woody cordon runs along the root's axis. The flesh can be chalk-white or yellowish. Cassava roots are very rich in starch, and contain significant amounts of calcium (50 mg/100g), phosphorus (40 mg/100g) and vitamin C (25 mg/100g). However, they are poor in protein and other nutrients. In contrast, cassava leaves are a good source of protein, and are rich in the amino acid lysine, though deficient in methionine and possibly tryptophan. These components are components of biodegradable plastic.

Significance of the study.
It is very important because you may use cassava starch as a plastic. You may use simple materials to make plastic, which can reduce harm to our environment.

B. Statement of the problem.
The problem is if cassava starch is an effective component for biodegradable plastic.

Cassava starch is an effective component for biodegradable plastic

Scope and limitations
The principal variable of this project is the cassava starch. The locale of this project is it could help save the environment and reduce use of plastic that takes a lot of years to degrade.

1. Review of related literature
Inventions have evolved and continue to evolve such that after several years of study, research and experimentation reach great developments. With continuing efforts to investigate the constituents of Philippine plants, we have...
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