Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Marketing strategy Pages: 11 (2574 words) Published: November 12, 2012
1.the marketing myopia concept warns against:
-being production-oriented
2.“I’m sorry, Mrs. Jones, but that was the airline’s fault, not ours. You never asked me to recommend alternate alternate routes or carries,” this statement reflects -a production orientation

3.the price of marketing is an acronym that represents
-the major management tasks in marketing of the major benefits of a company having a marketing orientation is that -all departments, managers, and staff share a common goal
5.two of the reasons why marketing is increasing in importance in the hospitality and travel industry are -increased competition and more sophisticated travelers includes activeties designed to satisfy
-customers’ needs and wants and the organization’s objectives 7.which of the following items is not a marketing environment factor within the hospitality and travek marketing environment -marketing mix

8.organizations began adopting the marketing concept in which of the following eras of marketing? -marketing-orientation era
9.all the following are characteristics of a marketing or customer orientation except -change is seen as being unnecessary
10.the marketing strategy factors that an organization uses to satisfy the needs of specific customer groups are collectively known as the -marketing mix
1.which of the following is not a generic difference between the marketing of services and products? -narrow definition of marketing
2.each of the following is a unique approach required in hospitality and travel marketing except -use of less than four Ps of the three unique relationships in the hospitality and travel industry is -the destination mix marketing means that
-services are unique and require their own branch of marketing 5.when examining the development of marketing in the service industries, it is true that
-it has been slower partly because the industry has been dominated by small businesses 6.two of the contextual differences between the marketing of services and products are -different organizational structures and the narrow definition of marketing 7.which of the following is not a specific difference in marketing hospitality and travel services? -less emphasis on stature and imagery

8. the system of distribution in the hospitality and travel service service is characterized by -the lack of physical distribution
9.the key distinction generic and contextual differences is that -generic differences are unchangeable; contextual differences can be corrected in the future 10.information about a service experience passed from past to potential customers is also known as -word-of-mouth advertising

1.when marketing hotels, restaurants, and other travel businesses, which of the following question must be answered first? -where are we now?
2.the difference between a marketing plan and a strategic market plan is -a strategic market plans covers a period of three or more years; a marketing plan is for a period of two years or less 3.the textbook for this class emphasizes the need to

-use a systems approach to hospitality and travel marketing 4.a system is:
-a collection of interrelated parts that work together to achieve common objectives

5.which of the following is not a fundamental of the hospitality and travel marketing system? -ensuring that all seven steps in the system are covered of the major benefits resulting from the use of the hospitality and travel marketing system is that -it results in a higher priority being placed on planning
7.which of the following statements most accurately explains the relationship of long- and short-term marketing planning? -they cannot be used at the same time of the dangers that using the hospitality and travel marketing ststem helps an organization avoid is -Defining the organization’s scope of business too broadly 9.the hospitality and travel marketing system is:

-An approach to...
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