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conclusions about both strategy formulation and implementation. Strategy Map and Hypotheses Underlying the Balanced Scorecard The performance measures included in Store24’s balanced scorecard were selected based on anunderlying “strategy map” which described senior management’s assumptions about cause-and-effectrelationships across the four perspectives of the scorecard. In particular, the strategy map detailed howinput metrics selected for the learning & growth and internal process perspectives of the scorecard werelinked to outcome metrics selected for the financial and customer perspectives of the scorecard via ahypothesized set of cause-effect relationships. Store24’s strategy-map, including the objectives andrelated performance measures in each perspective, is illustrated in Figure 2.The strategy map at Store24 had a simple structure. Starting with the learning & growth perspective, measures and objectives in each perspective were hypothesized to be drivers of those in thenext perspective. The strategy map did not capture all possible relationships among the performancemeasures in the balanced scorecard but, rather, focused on management’s primary hypotheses about howtheir chosen objectives ultimately led to financial performance.The strategy map reflected several straightforward and specific hypotheses about how thedifferentiation strategy would result in financial performance. First, improvements in measures of theunique internal processes chosen by senior management to implement the strategy were expected to leadto improved financial performance via a two-step process: improvements in measures of strategy-inputswould lead to improvements in strategy-specific customer outcome measures which would lead, in turn,to improved financial performance. As a starting point, it is worth considering the assumed link between 15

the internal process and financial perspectives of the scorecard (the dashed line in Figure 3) beforeconsidering the intermediate...

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