Cask of Amontillado

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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The Cask Of Amontillado

The story “The Cask Of Amontillado” which is written by Edgar Allan Poe is about a murder and revenge. The story is told in first person so we don’t  learn the name until the end. The protagonist ( Montresor ) is seeking for a revenge from the antagonist ( Fortunato ) who has insulted him. These two are very close friends and at the end of the story the Montresor leaves Fortunato to die in a vault. At the very end, Montresor tells us that the whole affair happened fifty years ago, and nobody has found out. . The story consists of several ironies such as time of the year, mottos and names of protagonist and antagonist.

Firstly, ironies the writer use in the text are environmental ironies. The time of the year is very important. It is festival time so it is suitable to kill someone. It is ironic that someone is killed while other people are having fun at the festival. Another ironic enviromental element is that Fortunato is killed in a vault where the wine bottles are stored. Since the wine is a traditional symbol of long life, a vault is an ironic place to be killed.

Another, antagonist’s name and his dress the most significant ironies in the text. The antagonist wears a cloud costume which generally amuses people and makes them laugh. He also has a hat with jingling bells. It is again ironic that he was killed in such an amusing costume. Moreover the antagonist’s name is Fortunato and it means lucky but at the end he is killed by one of his closest friends. This also constitues an irony.

Mottos which are belong to protagonist and antagonist have ironic meanings also. “Rest in peace” which is said by Montresor after chasing and leaving his friend to die in the vault. It is also ironic that in the story Montresor fake his friend and suggest him to return because of cough but Fortunato says “I shall not die of a cough”. However keeping going kills him. Another ironic motto is “To your life” said by Montresor when they drink...
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