Casino Royale Opening Sequence Analysis

Topics: James Bond, Casino Royale, Dr. No Pages: 3 (1071 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Casino Royale Opening Sequence Analysis.

Casino Royale begins with a pre-credit sequence that gives the audience a vague insight into the story of the film, that is about to unravel. While most Bond movies start with the trademark gun barrel sequence, Casino Royale was the first Bond movie to start with a pre-credit sequence that tied into the gun barrel sequence. Casino Royale also does not incorporate female figures in the opening credits and instead uses the James Bond character as the central figure.

The pre-credit sequence has been edited into black and white, which is a treatment signifier, and uses quite a contrast of the two colours, especially in the violent bathroom scene. The use of light and shadow is also a major treatment signifier used, where the light appears to be more settled on Bond’s face (the ally) and the shadow is more prone to MI6 section chief, Dryden’s face, to indicate the relationship between the good and the bad. A Walther PPK gun was used in the film Casino Royale, this symbolizes Bond as a superior character, and also gives him his double 0 status. This gun also suits his character, an MI7 agent, as another gun, such as a western gun, would not serve its purpose in the film. At the very beginning of the pre-credit sequence, an analytical shot of the lift numbers increasing appears, the numbers increase up to number 6, showing that the next level would be 7. This connects to James Bond being 007 and that Dryden is about to encounter him in his office room, on the seventh floor. The building that first appears has the text “PRAGUE” appear on the screen, this is a Eastern European place and could also link the Bond’s first kill (Fisher) as he also appears to be Eastern European.

The first shot the audience receives of Dryden is a low camera angle shot, this gives him a high status and also indicates that he is quite a powerful man. Shot-reverse-shot is used in the dialogue between Bond and Dryden, in-between this are quick...
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