Casino Industry Case: External Envirommente

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Casino Industry
The Casino Industry in America has grown since 1933 with the legalization of gambling in Nevada. Since then, there are cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City that have become the Mecca of gambling. Over time riverboats, racinos (Racetracks that have added casinos), and Indian casinos have expanded and grown, which gave access to gambling without having to travel long distances. With all of the additions to the casino industry, constant growth and improvement are key to maintaining success. Casinos in Las Vegas have been adding Hotels for decades, but they constantly change with the times. They design the hotel/casino to suit a type of demographic, and lately have created themed casinos to attract more customers. Las Vegas is largest gambling city, but has developed an image, due to their shows and attractions, that allows them to compete with other vacation destinations. Like Las Vegas, Atlantic City has seen much growth and expansion, but differs in the fact that they cater to the more “hard core” gambler. A quarter of the population can get to Atlantic City on a tank of gas, which leads to less of a vacation customer. The average stay In Atlantic City is just one night, but they still produce a high rate of gambling. There has also been a trend of expansion, not just in buildings and hotels but with the addition of other gambles resources. Riverboats, racinos, and Indian casinos, have a merged as the local gambling locations, and have made it easier to gamble in a person’s own backyard, without much travel. They all have grown because of changes in laws and regulation that increase the accessibility into the gambling market. Indian reservations in 1988 were allowed to build casinos on tribal ground, and riverboat casinos have been able to move onshore, since Hurricane Katrina wiped out many of the lower Mississippi casinos. This trend of new entry is continuing into technological world today. Internet gambling is getting...
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