Cashier Counter Management

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Operations Management
JUSCO (Kornhill Store)
Cashier Counter Management

Course Code: BUS 305 (Section 6)
Lecturer: Kong Chun Yu, Naskie

Group Member:
Chan Kit Ling 093086
Kwok Ka Ching 093088
Hui Ka Yan 093094
Hung Yeuk Yu 093139
1. Introduction
2. Methodology
3. Background of JUSCO
4. Problems in JUSCO (Kornhill Store)
4.1 Layout
4.2 Usefulness of self-service express counters
4.3 Manpower arrangement
5. Recommendations
6. Conclusion
7. References
Appendix A: Questionnaire
Appendix B: Form of data collection
Appendix C: Results of questionnaires
Appendix D: Results of site visits

1. Introduction
When we go shopping at the supermarket, we tend to make a big purchase because of the variety of goods with attractive packages and logos. Most of the times, the cashiers have a very long queue. We need to wait a long time for the payment. The long queue always makes customers feel annoying and lower their buying incentives. The same situation is found at JUSCO (Kornhill Store). Especially at the weekends, the situation is even worse. We need to spend at least 10 minutes standing in lines for the payment.

Unlike other large supermarkets such as Parknshop and Apita, JUSCO (Kornhill Store) has a unique cashier counters arrangement. The cashier counters are divided into mainly four types: common counters that accept all kinds of payments, cash express counters that accept cash payments only, self-service express counters with acceptance of Octopus card payment only and no packing service cashier counters that customers have to pack the products in their own bags by themselves. With no doubt, counters that accept all kinds of payments have the most people standing in the queues whereas the other three types comparatively have shorter waiting lines. Though line express and machines were used to help making the payment at the same time, the problems of long waiting time still cannot be solved.

In addition, the arrangement of numbers of cashiers and cashier counters open at peak hours and non-peak hours also affects the cashier counter management of JUSCO (Kornhill Store). If the numbers of the cashier and cashier counters arranged are the same within these two periods, the problems of inappropriate resources allocation arisen can irate a customer and it can be one of the major reasons for loss in sale.

Effective and neat cashier counters can be a symbol of a very professionally managed supermarket. The cashier counter is the maximum number of interaction with the customers that a supermarket has. Therefore, the cashier counter should be managed efficiently all the times.

In this project, we are going to focus on cashier counter management of JUSCO (Kornhill Store) on peak hour and find out whether there are any operation system problems, which affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the cashier counters. As we found that there are different types of counters, line express and also machines to help making the payment, are they all fully utilized? Why most of the people choose not to use the machine instead of queuing? Are the numbers of cashiers and cashier counters arranged properly at peak hours and non-peak hours? Are cashier counters appropriately positioned? After the review, we may also provide some possible recommendations for JUSCO to rectify this situation and how to make good use of the cashier counter area.

2. Methodology
In the project, we collected the data through site visits, survey and interview.

We carried out the site visits on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from September to October at JUSCO (Kornhill Store). We counted the number of customers who use different types of cashiers, the amount of goods each customer consumes, method of payment etc.. Also, we carried out the site visits again in December to count the waiting time of customers of different cashier counters. We hope to compare the flow of people between weekday...
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