Cashew Nuts in Tanzania

Topics: Nut, Cashew, Economics Pages: 2 (631 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Jenelle Kiefer
Geography 105
Cashews in Tanzania
Cashew nuts are one of Tanzania’s main cash crops. Cashew farmers in Tanzania were livid when they found out that the second portion of their income was being cut by nearly half because of issues in the economy. The police are trying their hardest to tame the chaos but there is only so much they can do. The damage has already escalated dramatically and will continue to escalate. The troublesome situation encountered in Tanzania proves that farming and crops should not go unnoticed and definitely not underpaid. Tanzania is located in Africa and borders Kenya. This country depends a lot on its crops to sustain itself. The country of Tanzania had a sustained economic growth in the year 2011- 2012 but in the year 2013 there was a steep economic decline. The fiscal deficit declined in 2012 for the first time in four years to five percent of GDP. Because of this economic decline, a lot of government-ruled cuts were made. In 2012, the farmers were told that they were to be paid in two separate amounts, the first amount was paid in full to the farmers but they were livid to find out that the second payment that was agreed to them was cut in half due to an economic decline. A lot of farmers did not get the amount of money that was agreed and in result of that the farmers decided to riot against politicians. The riots and chaos began shortly after the farmers found out that their pay out for their crops was less than the agreed amount last year. The protests, involving groups of farming men, started to thrive on Tuesday morning. Police had fired tear gas in the market to stop crowds from gathering and rioting against the government and sent a police helicopter to fly over the town. In order to control the chaos, the farmers will have to be paid what was agreed to them the previous year. When a representatives went to the Liwale district on Tuesday to pay the farmers their final amount, the terms for...
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