Cash Larcency Scheme

Topics: Larceny, Cheque, Money Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: June 11, 2012
Assign 2-3 Cash Larceny Scheme Case
Joshua Boger
Professor Sherry Kamradt
June 1, 2012

The case study involving the bank teller gets nabbed for theft is one that I can see happening quite often especially in a small bank or community bank that does not do the proper back ground checks need. In this case we are looking at cash larceny –vs. - skimming. Cash larceny is the intentional taking away of employer’s cash (currency/checks) without the consent, and against the will, of the employer. (Wells, 2011). While skimming is the theft of cash from a victim entity prior to its entry in an accounting system. (Wells, 2011).

In this case it was considered cash larceny because the money was already recorded on the victim’s books. The teller took the monies from the night deposit box of the branch bank in which she works. The businesses before dropping the money into the night deposit by first recording the cash and checks on deposit slip. The deposit slips are usually carbon copied were the business keeps a copy and turns in a copy with the money and then check the banks receipt with the deposit slip turn in to verify the two balance to equal each other. When the deposit was never recorded to the businesses account this raised concern prompting the business to contact the bank to question what may have happened.

In this case the fraudster was turned in by her husband. The bank had already figured they had the correct person but were trying to out how to prove it. The fraud investigator had already noticed that Groves broke out into rash during questioning and had looked into past incidences where the fraudster work in a branch where small amount of money came up missing but they could never place her to them. Studies show that five percent of offenders account for forty percent of crimes. Successful crimes many times lead to the fraudster to repeat the offense. The bank would then be able to tighten and improve security and...
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