Casey Anthony Trials

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  • Published : December 5, 2011
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What started out as a simple missing persons case has quickly turned into an investigation of murder. In 2008, after waiting two months, Caylee Anthony was reported missing by her grandmother Cindy Anthony who had not seen her granddaughter in many weeks. In response to the missing person’s case police questioned Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother, to the whereabouts of her daughter, who then told police the babysitter had taken her daughter. After hearing this, police checked into the alleged babysitter only to find Casey had lied to them. Going back to Casey, she admitted to lying because she was scared of what the police would say when they found out Caylee Anthony had drown in the family swimming pool. Her father, George had allegedly buried Caylee’s body a few miles from their Florida home in response to the shock. George Anthony, of course, denied this claim. Many question why, if Casey was such a concerned parent, she was seen out at the clubs partying and sporting a new tattoo, “Bella Vita” meaning a beautiful life a few weeks after Caylee’s tragic disappearance.

The answers were still unclear to police after even six months when Caylee Anthony’s skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near her grandparents’ home and four false testimonies from Casey Anthony. George and Cindy Anthony told police they remembered the distinct smell of decomposing remains in the back of Casey’s car (Warren). Medical examiners could attest to this smell but could not tell the police if it was a human decomp smell or an animal decomp smell. After four tries of getting the correct story from Casey about her daughter’s whereabouts and then what happened to her, police began a deep investigation on Casey, following every possible lead they could. The police formed a theory that Casey, 22, no longer wanted to be a mother, so she drugged the toddler with chloroform and suffocated her with duct tape over Caylee’s mouth and nose to suffocate the toddler and then dispose of the...
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