Casey Anthony: Mother, Liar , and Murderer

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  • Published : December 28, 2012
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Casey Anthony: Mother, Liar, And Murderer

In June 2008, a little girl of merely three was murdered. Her name was Caylee Anthony and she was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, in July 2008. Her mother Casey Anthony was soon arrested and charged of being her murderer and providing false information to police officers. She was put on trial, and all charges were soon dropped and Casey Anthony was pled innocent. Casey Anthony should have been pled guilty, based on the evidence found. Casey Anthony is guilty of being a liar and a murderer based on testimonial evidence. Casey Anthony lied to her parents about the whereabouts of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. The first piece of testimonial evidence is when she lied to her parents that a woman named Zanaida Fernandez Gonzalez or “Zanny” was Caylee’s nanny and was taking her out to theme parks or beaches. A woman named Zanaida Fernandez Gonzalez in fact did exist but she never met Casey nor knew any of her friends and family. However, Zanny was a frequent excuse that Casey would use with her friends and mother. For instance, when Cindy Anthony asked repeatedly to see Caylee, Casey would claim that Caylee is with Zanny. However, if Zanny had never seen Caylee or known Casey Anthony, then Caylee was elsewhere or something was wrong based on that testimonial evidence. Another piece of testimonial evidence is when Casey Anthony lied to the police that she was working in Universal Studios, but she led the police around for a while until actually admitting that she had been fired for years. This means that when Casey would also tell Cindy Anthony she was busy with a work assignment it would be an excuse to prevent Cindy from seeing Caylee. Since Zanny didn’t exist, nor did Casey Anthony have a job, all those lies that she said to her parents were to prevent them from seeing Caylee. However, if Zanny had never seen Caylee or known her any of her family, this would mean that Caylee...
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