Casey Anthony

Topics: Father, Family, Mother Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Casey Anthony|
Maximalist and Minimalist|
Virrencia Kearse|


This case has been nothing but confusion and uncertainty. Since day one, lies has been spun which leaves the case at its’ current state…unsolved. Then what make it ten times worse is the people that are divided due to the different point of views. Casey’s mother, Cindy, has tried to protect and minimize what happened to Caylee throughout the whole case. I am going to call her the minimalist. Cindy always based her explanation of her daughter’s innocence with an excuse. When asked what she thought happened to her granddaughter Caylee her response was that she did not see changes in Casey until after Caylee was born. Cindy do not believe that her daughter had anything to do with the death of Caylee but goes on to say that if she did then it was a result of the birth of Caylee. Then she goes on to say that she overheard Casey tell her boyfriend that “the nanny kidnapped Caylee”. Yet, she contradicts that statement when she shared that she believed that Caylee’s death was a possible accident. I do not think that Cindy knows what to believe other than there has to be a good reason why Caylee died and why Casey covered it up for thirty one (31) days. Of course no mother wants their child to be in any harm but if that child is wrong then they are wrong. Casey’s father on the other hand believes that his daughter had something to do with Caylee’s death. I cannot say that he was a maximalist fully but he did want justice and was not willing to let Caylee off the hook so easily. Although he was battling with a gambling addiction that tore his family apart, this retired homicide detective picked up on the clues of Caylee’s disappearance a little too slow for me. He said he smelled a bad odor in the trunk of Casey’s car which leads him to believe that Caylee was back there at one point. Then back to the point that it took 31 days for a retired homicide detective to realize that...
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