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BMW of North America: Dream It. Build It. Drive It.|
Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black. Henry Ford| |
Sheju Sajan Koruth, REG NO: PA1227| 9/20/2012|


BMW one of leading car manufacturing company at United States introduced a new market strategy in order to increase the sales of customized vehicles. But introducing of new marketing “Dream it. Build it. Drive it.” Lead to decline in BMW’s SUV sales at America so that it required a immediate response. BMW’s X3 model launched a new online service allowing the customers to view their car being manufactured by means of live video streaming in 2010. Gradually it faces the challenge of catering to the North American customer, where the people have less patience and need their car to be delivered without much delay. So BMW tackles this problem by major change in its production system by transferring complete assembly line from Austria to South Carolina in order to decrease lead times of new cars. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION:

As the new marketing strategy was introduced for BMW X3, The sale of BMW’s X5 SUV declined. So the Question of introducing the new market strategy for SUV arises or we should use it for the introduction of new X4 launch planned for 2014.And Joseph Wierda thinks whether the personalization aspect was not as good as expected. Another thing which was how many more SUV’s can be sold with the gas price of $5 per gallon.

BMW’s new market strategy “Dream it, Built it, Drive it.” entirely changed the sales of X3 even though they were facing lots of crisis. This shows the essential implementation of the new strategy to X4 which is planned to be introduced in 2014 and not to introduce for X5 because a new BMW only come every seven years so the lifecycle is pretty long, that is we can only add something when a new...
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