Cases Leadership in Organization

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  • Published : August 23, 2012
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Chapter 2: Managerial Traits and Skills
National Products
Susan Thomas is the vice president for human resources at National Products, a manufactuting company in Australia with 500 employees. The company has an opening for a general manager in one of its product divisions, and the president asked Susan to review the backgrounds of three depaltment managers who are interested in being promoted 10 this position. She is expected either to recommend one of the three internal candidates or to begin recruitment of external candidates. The internal candidates are Ch~lrley Adalns, Bill Stuart, and Ray Johnson. The following information about each candidate was obtained from performance records, interviews with the candidates, and discussions with the lx)ss of each candidate. Charley Adams Charley Adams has been a production manager for the past 8 years, He is an easy-going person who loves to swap jokes and tell st()Iies. Charley stresses the importance of coopera.tion and teamwork. He is uncomfortable with conflict, and he tries to smex)th it over quickly or find an acceptahle compromise. Before becoming a manager, Charley was always willing to take on extra assignments for his hoss and to provide helpful advice to less-experienced coworkers in his department Charley is proud of his reputation as a "good team pJayer" and a loyal "company man." It is important to Charley to be liked and appreciated by people in the organization. Charley comes from a cultural background emphasizing the importance of close family ties. He holds frequent Sunday dinners at which the entire Adams dan gathers for an afternoon of swimming, cricket, eating, and singing. On Saturdays, Charley likes to play golf with friends, including some of the other managers in the company. Charley wants his department to have a good performance record, but he is reluctant to jeopardize relations with subordinates by pushing them to improve their performance beyond current levels, which he believes...
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