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1. To have an effective haggling, first know what store will haggle and which products to haggle on. Do some research on the internet and find lower prices ammunition, print out the product description and price and show it to the vendor or salesperson. Make sure the website address in case they want to check it out for themselves. Setting standards high at first are also one of the effective haggling procedures, by determining what price to consider to be a great deal, a good deal and no deal, and always start with the great deal. Always bring cash to offer upfront for the retailer to entice to meet the considered price. Browse the sales item to be more inclined to reduce the price further to get out of the store. Accept the offer when the price is right and make sure to check the receipt when the deal closed and read everything on it. Keep the conversation going to make the seller feel more at ease and makes him/her confident that you are sincere with the offer. 2. The U.S. automakers prefer to use the unbundling approach in pricing because it creates transparency and allows picking exactly the options like. Unbundling approach also exposes new revenue opportunities by modularizing the service a marketer can see the value to customers form each module that enable to improve and thereby creating value to customers, fairness, and making sure customers are not paying for services or products they do not use and hence not subsidizing others who use it.

3. Preparation in Terms of Sale and Payment:

1. Setting product goals by using market projections and research trends to develop a graphical representation that enable to plot out customers’ needs versus company’s operational procedures in delivering the product or service into the customers’ hand. 2. Instituting appropriate sales channel on where to market the product by using catalogs, through retailers, over the phone or on the internet. 3. Planning on how to price the product based...
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