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McDonald to regain dominant market
For many years McDonald's enjoyed worldwide success built on a few well-known, highly standard conditions. The company with the Golden Arches served a simple menu - hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes orsoft drinks. The food was priced low, its quality was consistent, and it was served speedily from establishments that all looked alike and were extremely clean. In recent years, however, McDonald's has seen its growth rate slow down and its dominant market position slip. Why? The changes been occuring in the company's external environment. We will start with the population picture. Foir many years McDonals's main customer group was young couples with several kids. Today, people are marrying at a much later age and families have fewer children, so Mc Donald's traditional customer base is eroding. Then there are the cultural changes. Also consumers have become more health conscious. let's face it - burgers, fries, and shakes are not exactly at the top of dietitians menu recommendations today. Consumers want convenience. In the past they hopped in the car and drove to McDonald's. Today they can pop something into the microwave oven or phone domino's to have a pizza delivered. Another challenge came as consumers became more concerned about physical environment. McDonald's polystyrene hamburger packaging was attacked by people who demand the sue of recycled and or/ biodegradable products. Paralleling all these challenges were the growing number and effectiveness of competitors. Questions

i) Identify and discuss the major environmental changes being faced by McDonald's. ii) What course of action should the company CEO pursue to regain its dominant market position? b) What king of distribution channel would you recommend for the following products and why ? i) Personal computers

ii) Industrial lubricant
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