Case: W. L. Gore & Associates: How Employees Relate to One Another Sets Gore Apart

Topics: Employment, Human, At-will employment Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Human Relations in Management

W. L. Gore & Associates
The goal of human relations is “to create a win-win situation by satisfying employee needs while achieving organizational objectives.” (Lussier, 2013). They do this by not operating the way normal companies do. No one in the company has a title and promotions are given based on who the employees agree thinks they deserve it. While this is something I’ve never heard of I can see it working, you have to have a good workplace in order for something like this to be successful. Another thing that they have is sponsors who I think is something all jobs should offer. Once a person is finished being trained they are left to learn the small thing which can be overwhelming when left alone. Having someone who has been there and can help you through those moments and can relate to problems you may have done the job. With the systems effect all the people of the company are somehow affected by at least one person in the group (Lussier, 2013). You can see this in their sponsors, when one person gets a new role in the company they gain a new sponsor. This affects multiple people because as you’re promoted on the job you get more sponsors and the role of that sponsors is to be there to help guide the employee on the job. At some point everyone will be a sponsor to more than one person and they can use the things that they learned from their sponsor to help the person they’ve been assigned to sponsor. The Hawthorne effect believes that an employee’s performance would increase if they were given special attention (Lussier, 2013). Working for W.L. Gore & Associates there doesn’t seem to be anyone who will micromanage you to make sure you’re doing your job, there is no one to tell you good job after every task is competed. You are self-managed and you work on your own to get the job done. While this may seem like a terrible working environment to other’s it doesn’t to me. I don’t think a person has to...
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