Case: Warner-Lambert Ireland: Niconil

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Case: Niconil – Warner Lambert Ireland
C B , 1 7 TH J U N E 2 0 1 2 CENTER: AHMEDABAD

Niconil’s Importance to WL & Elan
Major Breakthrough for WL in Smoking Cessation segment. Will help WL strengthen its position in Ireland’s medical industry. Will serve as Test Market for WL to take it to other international markets.

Warner Lambert
Estimated Sales in W Europe for 5 Yrs
250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994

Elan will earn Royalty on sales of Niconil in Ireland and abroad. Second success for Elan with WL after Dilzem.


Niconil’s Target market & Demand
Irish Population Break-up
Undera ge (16yrs ), 2.5 Non Smoker s, 1.75

Target Customers All 30% of 2.5 m Irish adult citizens (750,000 smokers). High Potential customers = 10% (75,000) of smokers who are willingto-quit every year. Age group 35-44 yrs of age. White-collar or Skilled Working Class. Upper-Income / BetterEducated Smokers. Women smokers more likely to try Niconil.

• • •

Target Influencers 2000 General Practitioners. 1132 Pharmacies. Family members of smokers. Agencies – Irish Cancer Society, Irish Heart Foundation.

• Existing annual market of £ 250,000 being catered by Nicorette, Nicobrevin & Accudrop collectively. Annual fig of 75,000 Irish willing-to-quit smokers. 40% adults in Europe and 20% in US.

• • •

• •

Niconil communication to Doctors, Consumers & Pharmacists
Ads Medical Journals Logo on “No Smoking” Placards

Direct Sales Team

Doctors & Pharm


PR Symposium

Direct mails to GPs

Support Package

Word of Mouth

Launch Timing
Resolution time and Family proximity crucial and helpful while making a decision to quit. Niconil launch should be timed close to New Year’s and Lent. The willing-to-quit are more likely to make a New Year resolution to quit smoking. Also most of the smokers...
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