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Topics: Hybrid electric vehicle, Toyota Prius, Toyota Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: November 27, 2011
2. Outline the major macroenvironmental factors – demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural – that have affected the introduction and sales of the Toyota Prius. How has Toyota dealt with each of these factors ?

Demographic: The Toyota Prius can buy these consumers who can afford to buy expensive but save, comfortable and „green” car.

Economic: The business has economic relation with the government, capital market, household sector and global sector. These sectors together influence the trends and structure of the economy. The price of the car is higher than Toyota Echo about 4000 euros. However, getting twice as many kilos per litre of petrol will help to reduce the price differential. It means that petrol is economic and owner of Prius will save on fuel.

Natural: The growing desire to protect the environment is having an impact on many industries, in our case, the transportation industry. The Toyota company made right step to produce their first hybrid car. People are focused on environmental problems.

Technological: Hoping that people are concerned about the environment, and trying to grab a technological advantage over the car manufacturers, the company decided in 2000 to introduce Toyota Prius, their first hybrid car. The company expected that the first buyers of hybrid car like to buy and test something new and they were right. Many Toyota Prius owners are fascinated by the technology, they flood internet with discussion of the car.

Political: In order to attract more customers, car manufacturers have asked government for tax incentives to stimulate purchase of clean-fuel and high-mileage cars. Several governments, like US or UK, offered some solutions. 4. In your opinion, what are the advantages of Toyota’s early entry into the hybrid market? What are the disadvantages? Have Toyota jumped to early into an expensive technology that has had its day? The manufacturers of Toyota Prius risked by producing the hybrid...
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