Case: the Reality of Management Life

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Human Resource Management

Case: The Reality of Management Life

a.What management is
An effective manager is one whose organizational unit group or team consistently achieves its goals while members remain capable, committed, and enthusiastic. This particular definition focuses attention on two key results, the first is the task performance i.e. the quality and quantity of work produced and the second is the job satisfaction; how people feel about their work setting. The job of any manager or team leader is largely one of adding value to the work setting by doing things that help others accomplish tasks. A traditional and still relevant way of describing this job is a set of tasks or functions performed constantly and often simultaneously. The management process is made up of four directions i.e. planning, organizing, leading and controlling. They form a framework for managerial action that can be described as follows: •Planning- defining goals, setting performance objectives, and identifying the actions needed to achieve them. •Organizing- creating work structures and systems, and arranging resources to accomplish goals and objectives. •Leading- instilling enthusiasm by communicating with others, motivating them to work hard, and maintaining good interpersonal relations. •Controlling- ensure that things go well by monitoring performance and taking corrective action as necessary.

b.What being an employee means
Long term performance success for any organization begins with a strong foundation human capital; the economic value of people with job relevant abilities, knowledge, experience, ideas, energies, creativity and dedication. When managers give priority to human capital, they are recognizing that ever in this age of high technology, people are indispensable resources. Only through human efforts can the great advantages be realized from other material resources of organizations such as technology, information, raw materials and money. High performance organizations unlock human capital; (intellectual and social capital) through empowerment by allowing people, individually and groups, to use talent and know-how to make decisions that affect their work. Empowerment is a term used to refer to a range of practices that give more responsibility to less senior staff/ employees. The aim is to make/ help people take more control of their environment, and so provide of their working environment. And so provide opportunities for personal growth and self- fulfillment. c.Nature of psychological contract

Chambers 21st century dictionary defines a contract as “an agreement, especially a legally binding one.” It’s a document setting out the terms of such an agreement. (A psychological process / mind process). A psychological contract therefore represents the mutual beliefs, perceptions, and informal obligations between an employer and the employee. It sets the dynamics for the relationship and defines the detailed practicality of the work to be done. During the recruitment process, the employer and James, Mark agreed on what each could offer in the prospective relationship. In the common law states, the law implies duties requiring the employees to be loyal and trustworthy. These are imprecise in their definition and uncertain in much of their operation. But in psychological terms, issues as to whether promises and expectations have been kept and met, and whether the resulting arrangements are fair , fundamental to the trust between the employer and the employee. Psychological contract is a concept first described by Schein 1978. Herriot (1998, p106) defines this as the beliefs of each of the parties to the employment relationship the individual and the organization as to what their mutual obligations are. In broader terms, the contract can be...
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