Case Synopsis: Waterfield Farms

Topics: Sales, Retailing, Selling Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Case Analysis Synopsis
(Instructions: Enter your answers in the appropriate rows. Do not exceed one page) |Name: Kadesha Burke |Student Number: 0803251 | |Case # & Name: Waterfield Farms |Date Submitted: 11/12/2012 |

|The three most important key facts in this case /are: | |1:”Waterfield Farms estimated a total of 567 million heads of lettuce were sold in the East Coast retail market”. | |2: “Hydroponic lettuce had several attributes that differentiated it from other lettuce”. | |3: “Hydroponic lettuce did not sell well at regular retail margins; many stores did not carry it.” | |The Main Problem / Task to solve/do is: | |Waterfield Farms would like to increase their sales by trying to extend their distribution within the market by selling more products, and to | |make “Hydroponic lettuce look as appealing as it did before harvest”. Wright “would have to review his pricing and promotional programs to | |formulate a plan that he could sell to corporate headquarters”. | |The three most promising alternatives are: | |1: Waterfield Farms can focus on creating a new packaging for each individual head. | |2: Waterfield Farms can focus on creating a new way in distributing their produce....
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