Case Study a T Kearney

Topics: London Stock Exchange, Mergers and acquisitions, A.T. Kearney Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Case Study Analysis

February 25, 2011

Table of Contents

Statement of the Problem 1

Summary of the Facts 1-2

Analysis 4

Recommendations 4-5 Conclusion 6

Statement of the Problem
A T Kearney was acquired by Electronic Data Systems (EDS) just over a year ago. Many consultants were concern about the ability about this 2 very different organizations, with different skill setsand cultures, to work together in blending their services into a broad, seamless continuum. Senior consultants wondered about the implications it would have to be made for these 2 companies to benefit fully from the acquisition.

Summary of the Facts
The acquisition of A.T. Kearney Ltd., an international management consulting firm, by Electronic Data Systems (EDS), an information systems company, raised many issues. Among these was the issue of how to leverage the merger in terms of providing strategic consulting and information systems solutions to clients. Should the two firms cross-sell each other's services? Should A.T. Kearney call on existing EDS clients and vice-versa? Should the two firms work together to secure new clients? The case focuses on the chairman of A.T. Kearney Ltd. in Canada as he prepares to deal with the above issue. Once this issue has been worked through, there is an opportunity to deal with sales management issues arising from this decision. For example, if cross-selling is to be encouraged, what incentive scheme might be appropriate? The purpose of the case is to show how sales management decisions must be driven by marketing strategy and the desired customer interface that marketing strategy implies.

EDS, the leading pure-play global services company,...
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