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Topics: Marketing, Sales, Opel Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: April 26, 2011
1.} One of the leading builders in Gurgaon has conceptualized ‘Wedding Mall’; another is working to create ‘Health & Beauty Mall’; while the third builder has on the card an ‘Automobile Mall’. You have been hired by the construction firm making one of these malls to strategies its marketing. What product and service would you like to assemble and why? 2.} A recent survey on washing machines conducted among housewives showed that most of them belonged to middle income households, were generally employed, had growing children, and cleaned clothes and came with trouble-free service. If you were the market of Electrolux, will you use this information for planning your marketing strategy? What additional information will you look for before evolving the strategy? 3.} General Motors has just launched a new model, the Opel Corsa. It is contemplating on basing its marketing strategies on consumer lifestyles. Using the VALS approach, evolve a marketing strategy that will help Opel Corsa succeed in the Indian market. 4.} A leading consumer company wishes to diversify into food product and has identified potato, corn and cheese snack foods for urban market. None of these products are new to these market, yet the newness in the proposed products is the state-of-the-art technology which will ensure consistent quality of the finished product. The major competition to this firm are unorganized small firms and major transnational giants like Pepsi Foods. Assume that you are the product manager of this firm. Evolve a marketing strategy for a successful launch of the snack foods line. 5.} “Sales people need to be continuously developed in order to make them competitively fit”. If you were the sales manager of a leading consumer products company, how would you like to make the sales training programmes effective and result oriented? 6.} The cable television industry is a relatively new industry in the country. It has been growing at a high rate but is beset with several problems. A...
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