Case Study: Trusty Technology Services

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  • Published : August 8, 2010
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Case Analysis: Trusty Technology Services

Case Analysis: Trusty Technology Services
Maribel Mendez has been struggling with her technology business since she started it in 2007. Based in the resort town of Petoskey, Michigan, she has a year round area population of 10,000, growing to more than three times that during the summer months. Maribel planned to use her savings of approximately $15,000 as seed money to get the business started. Her lone area competition is Fletch Truman. Fletch's technology business is well established in the community, weathering the introduction of a national technology help company to the area. Maribel set a goal of $60,000 annual sales in order to provide her with enough profits to establish a household in the area. Maribel engaged in limited advertising and established a small customer base. Aside from short busy periods at the beginning and end of the vacation season, Maribel falls well short of her revenue target; sometimes grossing only $200 a week. Marketing Strategy

Maribel is engaging in a strategy of direct competition. She is trying to get to a targeted audience but using mass marketing techniques. Her strengths are competence in the subject area and an established need in the community for those types of services. Her weaknesses include a non-established customer base, an established, entrenched competitor, and a market that shows little opportunity for growth. Her opportunities are few. She could possibly find a niche market for her services, and promote the differentiation of her services over his competitors. The threats she faces are loss of her savings and displacement from the area. I would suggest Maribel look to segment herself to target a specific market. Instead of attempting to be all things technology, she should specify a target customer base and work to cultivate that market. She should narrow her scope of services to specialize in a smaller area....
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