Case Study Trap-Eas America

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Case Study: Trap-Ease America

Questions for Discussion
1. The information they need to evaluate this opportunity will be: What kind people actually buying their product? They need to know this to target their real consumers. Their customers’ income level. By knowing this, they will see the reason of people who still buy those spring-loaded traps. Are there better products in the market? If so, no wonder why people don’t like to buy their product. If there is not a better product, they still have their opportunity. How consumers evaluate their product? This is the most important thing they need to know to evaluate this opportunity. From the background information they provide, their product are more expensive then the spring-loaded trap. So the company needs to make the consumers feel their product worth to spend more money to achieve the same goal. Their mission statement would be “To get rid of mice in an easier, cleaner, safer way.” But I would write “By using our product, you can save your time for clean the mess, you don’t need to worry about the spring will hurt you or your children, and no more poison need to worry about. We believe your health and your time worth much more than the price.”

CASE STUDY TRAP-EASE AMERICA 2 2. I believe the best target will be women, especially house-wife. Those house-wives will care more about this kind mousetrap. For them, to set a spring-loaded mousetrap will not be easy. Also they probably don’t like the mess made by spring-loaded mousetrap. So women are the best target for trap-ease. The firm might also target those office building. To have a loaded old type mousetrap is not a good idea for those busy people. They are too busy to running around with report that they might not realize there is a loaded mousetrap on their way. So trap-ease is a good choice for them. 3. Right now,...
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