Case Study the Unexpected Promotion

Topics: Management, Interpersonal relationship, Human resource management Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: March 9, 2013

I.Time context: September 20, 2012
II.View Point: Human Resource Manager
III.Statement of the Problem: how can the human resource manager solve the problem between the line manager Lina and her predecessor Imelda? IV.Objectives:
Short Range: To resolve the problem between Lina and Imelda. Long Range: To improve the performance evaluation system of the company. V.Areas of consideration:
Strength: The company wants to increase the productivity of the employees. They are looking forward on how can the new line supervisor implement and motivate the other staff to become more productive. Weaknesses: Lina the line supervisor is not that knowledgeable when it comes to performance evaluation. Opportunities: if the employees are productive, the income of the company will increase. Threat: if one of the employee is not productive or hostile, it can affect the productivity of the company. VI.Alternate courses:

1.Lina the line supervisor should talk to Imelda about work concerns. Advantage: Lina would know why Imelda didn’t perform well. Disadvantage: Lina will have a hard time talking with Imelda because didn’t know much about performance evaluation. 2.The company should improve the performance evaluation system. Advantage: The company will be fair in promoting the employees. Disadvantage:

3.The human resource manager should know the problem between Lina and Imelda. Advantage: The situation will not get worst and it will not affect the other staff. Disadvantage: Lina cannot handle her staff well, this means that the management promoted a wrong person. VII.Recommendation: I recommend the alternate courses #2

VIII.Conclusion: the company should improve the performance evaluation system. The management should discuss to each employees, so that they will know if they are productive or they need to improve their work performance. IX.Management lesson learned: Planning is important, without planning they can make wrong decisions....
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